Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodbye Summer and all your Crazy Lazy Hazy Days

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Officialy school has kicked in- my final year- ARGH the stress. This year I work my ass off to get into design school. However the temptations of extra curricular activities, and well, a bit of fun keep preventing me from doing so. This is the second night we have snuck into a private pool for some midnight swimming. It was this late night under the stars I realised that I am going to really miss the little bit of Summer New Zealand had this year.


Christen said...

Good luck in school and thankfully I am saying goodbye to winter! I need sunshine!

Julls said...

Oh gosh,love the photos ! Here is spring now,so let the fun begin :)

Goood luck with school :)

Helen said...

Gorgeous photos, New Zealand here i come (i wish..) xx

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Every Little Counts said...

oh, summer! great, great photos. good luck with school!

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Damsels said...

those are beautiful pictures .. new zealand looks incredible .. good luck with your last year!

kanishk said...

,love the photos
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lbpeeep said...

I love the scenery and how laid back you look! and New Zealand is such a beautiful country <3 I've been there and definitely wanna go there again. Which design school are you planning to go to?

Gio Goi Jeans said...

Gorgeous pics! Enjoy school while it lasts! Soon you will enter the big bad world

indigotangerine said...

I want it to be summer right now! I am SO done with school.

Bench Shoes said...

Wonderful pics! Love them

{ I V Y } said...

goood luck babe!
great photos, beautiful.

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Yaary said...

loving the bikini! totally cutee.

Sabina said...

I really enjoy your blog, how sweet :))
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Can't wait to hear from you hon!

Cara Gray said...

what amazing photos - cool sunburnt like colours

Roxanne said...

Fantastic photographs! Lovely blog by the way :)

Anonymous said...

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nayra laise said...

OMG it's winter here in Italy and i'd like it was summer
kisses from rome

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March 1?
And any photos from that time?

Happy new year!

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the winter is behind a window

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I LIKe the photos in the field
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Self-Dressed said...

Lovely pics!!