Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sandy Faces.

Beach Time, Finaly. Sailor Suit-Melbourne Markets.


Vali said...

Love this dress :)

Tara Diane said...

Great photos, it looks right out of the 50s :).

Julls said...

You know how jelous I am when I see this photos ? I guess not.

Sweet said...

omg your nautical outfit is so gorgeous
I totally love it
it looks so nice in the picture

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Christen said...

Wow. Seriously gorgeous and seriously jealous :)

Fashion Therapist said...

FANTASTIC pictures..really amazing and I love that outfit.

Carmen said...

Love the dress, its so cute.

Thanks for the lovely comment.


Every Little Counts said...

so vintage looking- wish i was there!

Kennedy said...

these photots look so warm and dreamy! the dress is perfection for a day at the beach! <3